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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Yanko is carmina's "other" brand Oh really? I didn´t know that. Carmina´s are top notch ones while Yanko are cheapo shoes for old unstylish people.
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e I'm going to visit Barcelona and would greatly appreciate some recommendations in terms of shopping/restaurants etc. Thanks in advance! There is a shop who carries Brioni but I prefer Madrid, there is the typical Armani store, very bad of course. Visit la sala Bagdad,where the actor Nacho Vidal started Beware of La Rambla, plenty of non european thieves ,, southamerican transexuals, indian beer illegal...
I like this newer pictures better that the others. As I told you it looked too sinister for children but this other POW seems better. Your daughter is lucky man!
Quote: Originally Posted by TowleY Ive noticed this over the corse of time. For example, lets say I have to wake up at 9. If I go to sleep at lets say 10 and get 11 HOURS of sleep. I will wake up EXHAUSTED and almost cannot get out of bed and just go back to sleep. Now lets say I go to sleep at 12 and get 9 hours of sleep. I will still be exhausted however not as badly. If I get 8 hours of sleep its not terrible. However if I get lets say 5 hours...
Interesting post to improve my english.
Very good man. I wish I´ll be in the US to give my toys for free to you for the poor children. God bless you and the kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive One disadvantage of the S2000 is that it is intended only for homosexuals. I own one and I am of homo what you are of macho. Period
All John Carpenther 70s, and 80s. Casino, Scarface
Hi man! I also learnt a lot here.
Quote: Originally Posted by guroed thinking about making an offer on this suit: any thoughts? problems? what would be a fair price? That seller is " famous" on the sale section as he has a lot of 100 Borrelli shirts for 6600 $ and some people contacted. Also had some great Borrelli shoes at great price. Some people said he send totally different items to them and some other got...
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