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Some more shots for those interested, come take a gander at what else we have to offer if you like : shop.the189.com
We have a fair amount here: http://bit.ly/yLWtvzHope this fulfils you needs.
Moving this on a stage further I just wondered which designers / brands people admire most that are made in the UK.. Personally I'm a big fan of SEH Kelly who are British made, their product quality is incredible.
Can I suggest ... ^^^ I've got one and I love it, we've got a few left in stock here if you're interested : www.shop.the189.com/collections/accessories/products/pap-accessories-iphone-cover-in-light-grey
We opened the OEN online shop last week and are currently stocking Baron Wells, only a few pieces at the moment but the rest will be shipped in a week or so. Come check us out? www.shop.the189.com/collections/baron-wells
Can I suggest ^^^ we have a couple left in stock here ... http://shop.the189.com/collections/pap/products/pap-accessories-ipad-cover-in-light-grey
The OEN online shop opened last week and we are currently carrying a few pieces from Brooklyn Tailors for those interested, more of a selection to come in for Fall/Winter 2012. I do believe we are the only stockists in the UK : www.shop.the189.com
We shared this feature on Tender co's type 130 dip-dyed jean earlier for those interested, william kroll (the designer) explains everything behind the jean in a short interview too.. check it out http://the189.com/product-features/tender-co-type-130-tapered-fit-dip-dyed-jeans/
Deal for both?
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