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looks great with the scarf! wow good find! How much?
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze You need to step away from your blow dryer! why? what's wrong with a man using a blow dryer? It takes too long for my hair to dry on its own (especially when it gets long), and I find it easier to style with since it'll let me push my hair in a certain direction.
what is a charcoal color?
I've always used them to after they dried, but I am starting to hear that it was actually the other way. Plus, how do you make side hair fall forward without looking like such a doofus? My hair generally falls the same way that Chace Crawford's hair falls, but it just doesn't get as messy-stylish as his. Mine just tends to look like a dummied up asian hair...
I ate 4 eggs today and felt like puking from the excess egg. But I'm trying to get bigger and I hear that eating a lot of eggs just jacks you up super fast... No pain, no gain!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by wilson brother Hey man- Don't be such a wussy just scrub that nasty shit with a steel wool and don't clog the forum like you did your pores . -Danny Wilson(the Guy) wow... does Olive Oil actually work? I'd expect adding oil into skin would make it worse... isn't that why all those acne cream cleansers say "oil-free?"
I don't really have the TIME to go see a dermatologist that's the problem. I guess I will need to make the effort..
Alright this summer was horrible for me in terms of epidermis conditions. I had chest and back acne like crazy ALL SUMMER. It finally died out around mid-August and the healing process has taken place. However, I had this one chest acne that I was picking on for about a good 2 weeks during the summer and it's been NEARLY TWO MONTHS and the "mark" is still there!!! The acne has disappeared but now there's this like "red scab" mark. Usually my skin just scabs these...
Brita all the way baby
thanks man. By the way, I find it ironic when they sell size 38 "slim" jeans. If you're size 38... I don't think you qualify as slim...
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