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Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu Thanks. But don't think I'll cop - doesn't seem like a great reduction - e.g. for this pair of PS boots the ssense price is only $60 less than the official PS store's.... There's at least one UK site that has it for 295 gbp, they deduct vat. It ends up being something like 380+shipping. I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu Ssense now has member sale up to 50%. CODE: ACTNOW Anyone know if size 7 for this is UK or US size?!!!!??? I emailed them a few minutes ago. They said it was UK sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin No. danite soles suck in the snow. They are fine for very light snow...but when there is ice, or wet/slushy snow, its like wearing ice skates. I've never had any problems in any conditions you would find in a bigger city. Going hiking in them is a bad idea though.
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r after like 10" of snow in the last two days this thread is suddenly relevant to my interests. i wonder what people who have to wear suits do, would it be a horrible idea to just get some boots that look kinda dressy, and then slap a commando sole on them? not like i go trudging through the tundra or anything, i just need something with grip on the bottom for walking across ice, and not-very-deep...
I think the Red Wings just don't work with that rich trust fund baby steez. If you put him in normal shoes he'd look fine.
There are two dedicated RRL stores. Both are downtown. The barney's flagship store has a corner of its CO-OP floor dedicated to RRL.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 not bad but not nearly as sexy as the santoni I think the upper on the Santoni is nicer but I definitely prefer the dainite sole, at least for looks.
Quote: Originally Posted by LatinStyleLover You are seriously killing me! I have been looking for those in my size for years now and can't find them anywhere! I am guessing you bought them from the guy on Ebay? He initally claimed to have them in my size, got me excited about getting them, then told me that was an error in his listing! I am happy that someone will get to enjoy them in their size and am even more determined, now, to get a pair myself. ...
Everyone I've ever known that has worked construction has used the white gloves with the red palm. Anything more expensive is apparently not worth it.
Are the gloves, hats, and scarves going on sale. I need a wool hat and gloves, don't know if I should buy them now or wait a few days.
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