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Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid I think minimalism for nothing other than the ability to say "I have one fork" is silly. I like having multiple forks. But when stuff becomes a burden instead of an asset, time to toss it. In my last place I had a car and so many spare parts for it I had to get a storage unit for it. When I finally cleared that shit out and got rid of the heap it was like a weight was lifted. But on the flip side, I like having...
If you guys are short on creeps maybe I'll stop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz (crosspost) what's should i be picking up for my 3rd (and hopefully final) pair of denim i've got 2 pairs of N&F weird guys, dark and heavy for fall/winter, light and thin for spring/winter so i'm partial to the tapered fit but want something a little less gateway/entry level. from what i've seen sugar canes or samurai's seem to be common grails wanting something with contrast stitching, interesting coloured...
I just got my Ricards in, very nice shoes. The UK9 fits me perfectly.
My sneaker size is 11-11.5 but I wear a us9.5-10 and UK 9 in dress shoes. I should get a pair of ricards in the next few days so I'll post how that works.
I wear my vans size, fit seems about the same. If anything, CP's are a little shorter. I have rather narrow feet though. I wear an 11 in Vans but a 9.5/10 in most dress shoes, 11.5 in Nike, 44 in CP/MMM. Size 40-43 still available. I bought mine from there, fast shipping/no customs.
Spurr Pipe Leg or Dior 19cm?
I'm looking to buy a pair of Dior 19cm. How does the fit compare to N+F weird guy? I had to size up 2 to fit my thighs in the weird guy. I'm looking for a slightly skinnier fit but I'm worried about my thighs fitting.
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