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How much in the way of customs fees am i looking at from caliroots on about 250 usd?
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherHead Ok so Im ready for a new pair of Aldens , I have an idea of what I want but I'd really rather see All of what's out there first , so could you guys help me with stockists for Aldens , places in NYC or online that sell the fine boot! Heres what I know: Epauletshop , blackbird, context , unionmade goods, Winn perry , LEATHER SOUL, thats all I can think of right now , oh and Alden-of-caramel and...
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Recently made the mistake of buying MMM white painted GATs. These things are ugly! Returned them the very next day. First of all, the painted concept feels wrong. Most shoes that provide random/discolored looks have a bit of distressing to go along with it. But the GATs look like pristine shoes with white paint smeared on them as if it were some kind of "art project". Reminds me of a fair skinned young woman... I think the blue would have been better but I slept on it, then again I have a blue stark so probably better to have a brown.
I have 4 right now. Warehouse 660 for a looser cut, black and blue 19cm, and N+F Weird guy for an in between cut. I can't really dress up the 660 because it looks baggy when I stack it. I'm half on the lookout for a nice matte waxed pair or something interesting but I think I'll just end up grabbing something from DRKSHDW.
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora i need more jil knits I haven't really seen any jil knits that I like. I'm starting to like the suits. I need more Dries, MMM and Cauborn knits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Looking for suede oxfords for the spring... I like these, except I'm worried they'll be too pointy; also looking for a slightly thinner sole under the toe Any other options? Paul Smith Cage. Last season they had a off white color.
I went for the XL. I have a 45" chest(I take a 46r suit). I could have probably fit into an L, although it would have been annoying for the first week or two. It stretches and insane amount. If your chest is 44 or less, I would probably say go for the L.
I like them to leave my alone unless I need a size or something. Maybe say hi when I walk in.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix just get some gray denim, W+H or N&F weird guy gray selvedge. Minimalism can be fine but 99% of the time it's just as pretentious if not more than what it claims to rebel against. "the essence of things, not the appearance" is such a bullshit idea. To say that minimalism is a reaction against things is an admission that it's dependent upon a comparison with vulgar maximal-ism to be...
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