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Does anyone know if there are makeups of the Indy with a vibram lug sole besides the 404? I really like how chamois looks but if I'm getting an indy might as well get one with a serious sole.
Selectism had that jacket as F/W '11
After last season I didn't think I'd buy another CP...will cop black bball hi's
Quote: Originally Posted by bony boy fishtails need to go out before i freeze my nuts off 6 degrees tonight
would still hit
I was looking at the W+H service boots and a few of those. I ended up getting the Paul Smith Ricard, you might be able to find them on sale from zee&co under 300.
Maybe the rise on the dress pants was lower? Remember inseam isn't from the top of the pants but from the bottom of the crotch. Anyway 6'1", I usually wear a 34 but its a tad long.
I need a bathrobe, I was looking at the Standard one. What do you guys have?
Quote: Originally Posted by eternaldrake im looking for slim, unlined/very thinly lined, black leather gloves that dont look like ass; does anyone have any suggestions? ~xpost from ask a question sticky~ I have tiny hands and I only found a pair last year at club monaco of all places that actually fit
I never get anything but positive comments on my bomber, even though I leave the fur collar on. You guys probably just need to look meaner or something.
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