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I'm a 52 it looks good. I'd be worried about the DR maybe but bigger guys can definitely pull toj off edit: I have a varsity and a bomber, waiting on a fishtail
It's like In N Out stop complaining
I found them to be maybe half a size bigger if anything. im usually a us9.5-10 and they fit me perfect in uk9
if i had more boots id cop
Haha I'm a fat fuck so I got mine for 139
The only fishtail I liked besides the ToJ was the Real McCoy's one
Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock tonio, eternaldrake...you're right. I'm going for it. Now, the color. What tweeds are people loving? I only have like 6 in mind...looking for some guidance. Edit: even though it looks poorly photo'd/dark, something is speaking to me about 7024 in the celtic tweed, or 7006 perhaps.. I went for 1745 with a plum backup
I think I want one in the same color as Kelv's
Alden 404 Kudu Indys? http://blog.leffot.com/2010/12/23/kudu-indys/
He can probably find CP's at that price if he takes the time. White or black only, preferably Achilles. Not a bad start probably
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