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I'm a 52 it looks good. I'd be worried about the DR maybe but bigger guys can definitely pull toj off edit: I have a varsity and a bomber, waiting on a fishtail
It's like In N Out stop complaining
I found them to be maybe half a size bigger if anything. im usually a us9.5-10 and they fit me perfect in uk9
if i had more boots id cop
Haha I'm a fat fuck so I got mine for 139
The only fishtail I liked besides the ToJ was the Real McCoy's one
Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock tonio,'re right. I'm going for it. Now, the color. What tweeds are people loving? I only have like 6 in mind...looking for some guidance. Edit: even though it looks poorly photo'd/dark, something is speaking to me about 7024 in the celtic tweed, or 7006 perhaps.. I went for 1745 with a plum backup
I think I want one in the same color as Kelv's
Alden 404 Kudu Indys?
He can probably find CP's at that price if he takes the time. White or black only, preferably Achilles. Not a bad start probably
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