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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock does anyone know how to read the jcrew trubalance last? ie. what the hell is h-medium size? wider than D i suppose? I would presume that h-medium size means a d width shoe half size
I think I want C-shade so I'm kinda stuck as far as Malton v. stow goes. All my boots up till now are dainite soled, I don't know what people insist on commando soles. I'll probably just mto a Stow in C-shade with dainite or go with the double leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon ^^those looked delish, sinned. 'know what Nopike meant. the Maltons i got fit about right [w/medium weight socks] when i 1st got them. 'twas beginning of winter, so i initially applied a coat of Obenauf & blowdryed [to evenly spread & expedite absorption], then packed them away in original box for spring. 'got them out over the weekend to try on & they were a tad tight up front. i currently wear them with...
I like the tricker's commando sole, i wish they offered the maloton/commando sole in 5 width stock
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty actually gentrification sucks for the people who live there before they're priced out of the neighborhoods they've lived in for their whole life. and this is coming from an upwardly mobile white person who lives in what is essentially the periphery of park slope gentrification pays my tuition
My friend showed up in a stained button down from the night before and slept through the whole ceremony. No one will pay you any mind for not having a suit on but I would talk to my parents. Graduation is really for them
Everyone's feet are different sizes... you guys either got the wrong size or you need to different width. Ime dress shoes should be sized down until you can't shift your foot left or right with the shoe tied but ymmv
Love the all black Balenciagas
What's the turnaround on mto tricker's?
I have a generally good success rate online shopping, I stay away from gilt and yoox though. I tend to be a little OCD about getting measurements though. I'm also in NYC so most of the time if I'm really worried about sizing I can go and see it in person.
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