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Quote: Originally Posted by VitaTimH I'm fully aware that those boots look cheap; there's a reason I'm not buying the boots pictured, or I wouldn't be asking... Try to ignore the materials, etc. and focus on the silhouette, please. If I could find a boot that resembled the third in terms of materials and construction, yet didn't have a rounded toe, I'd go for that. That's probably the best...
Anyone know what I can replace my PS Ricards with for spring/summer? I was thinking of picking up an Alden 990
after all that blazer talk a few pages back, i want some white high tops and i'm considering supras help!
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester When wide leg and flares "come back," they will not resemble what the average fucktard looks like currently when shuffling around through Ross Discount looking for tube socks. It will be something that looks right, and we will be ready for it. In the meantime, well-done examples on men are pretty rare. DVN did some extreme wide leg for a/w 2012, but did slim leg in the same show. The slim leg looked better to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Those are sorta meh. I would like either navy or black, grey, charcoal with matching colour sole, maybe satin toe and trim. Something like that. Brown's has two pairs I think I'm either grabbing the purple off browns or the blue off lanvin's site
dunno about flares but wide legs yes
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Doing a LWB on a low profile commando sole, cannot decide between ravello or No 8, HALP. #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Id be a little hesitant to put physical appearance number 1. Number of woman dating less than handsome guys has got to be significant. Shit, I used to date a girl that thought Tom Selleck was the best looking guy ever - well Tom Selleck is definitely not hideous, but I would doubt he would make top 500 good looking actors. Girls much more so than guys are into a specific type so like some girls will...
I'm bored by most of what I'm seeing for S/S
Does APC still make their standard jean? I know for a while it was only available at the nyc store. It was billed as a higher rise new standard. I'm sure you can give them a call and order it. The quality really isn't going to be much greater as you go up in price. The japanese brands have more interesting denim but it will still develop holes in heavier use areas. I really like the Warehouse 660 but I'm not sure if that's going to be too tapered for you.
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