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Whichever ones BoO make.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I'd say that's pretty accurate, though the selection is far larger than any comparable brand. In my limited experience (one visit plus two shirts and a pair of jeans), the fabric quality is a bit better than GAP. The prices are better, too. What the store does is offer a lot of basic items that fit well and will compliment mid-tier or higher end pieces. Personally, I find their shirts to suffice most of my shirting...
If I want white bucks? or,default,pd.html Are there any other shoes I should take a look at?
Quote: Originally Posted by mejoshua I have the Sunset Hotel jean, and the wax coating is very subtle. How would you describe the rise? How is the actual waist size compared to the tagged size?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I have a ton of uniqlos and after awhile I toss them. Also have a bunch of junya and comme h+. I like uniqlo the best. They make them actually low cut which I love. At 3 for 10 you can't really beat the price either.
Because I like it. I used to wear samurais and such but since the crotch kept blowing out and the cuts are a little odd, I've switched to rrl and apc. I like that raw denim is multi-purpose in that I can dress it up or down. I like the stiffness and the dark color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Tex The sole looks very smooth from the photographs. For those of you that own a pair, would you recommend it for use in the rain, snow, ice? I'm looking for a nice boot that I can wear with a suit during rough weather. I'd say any boot with a dainite sole. I was wearing my c&j tetbury, during some snow recently and it was perfect. I'm not sure if I should get these, I'm thinking I'll get tired of the white sole and the inside out thing quickly.
Barney's has a sale going on. You should try there, I was able to pick up a pair of brown Tetburys for 400. It seemed like they had a decent amount of sizes available.
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