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Quote: Originally Posted by rocks I am looking for a rubber sole boot that I can wear year round, so far all my boots are leather sole and are more on the dressy spectrum. Thus I am looking for a casual boot with rubber sole and have been having difficulty finding something for around 350...A few years I ago I saw a buttero boot that was sold in Japan in grey and it was killer so something like that would suffice. As far as silhouette I like attachment...
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler I agree, I think the PTB dresses up a little bit better than the chukka. Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG I'd lean towards the #8 PTB, but that depends on your current Alden situation. With summer on the horizon the PTB is a great go to shoe. Either way you will be very satisfied with your purchase. I was leaning that way too. Thanks guys.
I've been looking for the same thing. Basically something to replace boots for summer. I'm debating between Alden #8 ptb or chukkas. Kinda want penny loafers but i fear with my current style they'll end up right next to my bucks getting next to no use.
#8 chukka or #8 ptb mainly for casual wear but dressing up sometimes?
Quote: Originally Posted by superego Suggestions for a large-slim fit? I have a 45 chest measurement (though wear a 44 jacket) and 36 inch waist. The Brooks Brothers slim fit fit well in the waist, but was a tad tight in the chest, though I was able to accommodate it by getting a 36 sleeve length. Do any (many) vendors offer a slim fit without a substantially slimmer chest as well as the waist? Ideally, I'd simply like a standard 16.5/35 dress...
best RFT talk in months
What does makes you look short even matter? In person that means almost nothing because there are other points of reference
Regular Diors are not selvedge
That's just wrong
The waders are apparently the same cut as the SF tapered except the waders were only available in 30 inseam
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