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Changing the roll on a suit is not really practical as the canvass is sewn to roll in a particular way. You can steam or iron it, but that will be temporary and will effect the elegance of the roll.
who makes this? I love Spano...
Im in a slump....
just coming back to it after double pneumonia. Signed up for Seattle Rock and Roll half in June and the Chicago half in Sept. Long runs are up to 12.5 (in 1:51) Daily runs are 5-7 miles I need to get some new shoes. Any one use Mizuno Wave Creations? I am using Brooks right now, weekend run (10 miles) I could tell these are breaking down.
I would save the trip to Brooks and just bring to Beehive. They will try and rationalize the damage and waste your time-which will just make you more upset (they will talk down to you and also let you know that they "know" high end shoes....), they are horrid.
I had a very bad experience with Brooks. They will not do anything to remedy this either. They butchered a pair of Church's of mine.
There is no defense for a $6K OTR suit. Well, there is no defense for paying $6K for said suit. UNLESS....everything is just perfect and you feel that for the same $'s spent on bespoke you could not get a better fit and fabric. Personally, I think you could spend 2/3rds of that and do better by going bespoke. The other perspective is if you are a complete brand whore and have to have the world know you spent $6K on a Brioni at NM, then do it.
Both the Firenze and Milano have lower notch placement, where the Napoli and Roman styles have the notch placed "aimed" at the top of the shoulder. I much prefer that look. Also the size of the lapels are different.
Noice! That just boosted your thrifting karma 4 fold!
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