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Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy AAARGH! thumbing through all the stafford suits on my lunch break at the downtown salvation army and i feel somethign different. very different. pull it out and it's a gorgeous zegna mil-mil suit, minimal wear, kind of a dark blue and cinnamon windowpane. $12. and it's just too big. What size damn it?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Found an Hermès tie -- seems pretty recent. Perfect condition... what are these now, like $170 or $180 retail? I paid $3. I dont think this is fake. Come on, really if it were fake, would they weave in the wrong factory code? Anyhow, show us the tip color and the way it was folded, that will tell you. I have a woven (not print), that is way funky, but 100% real in the same way...
So, is the sizing on BB website for this particular shoe in US or UK sizing? If its UK, im going to do this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls No. That is a nasty, obvious spot. We'll see what the cobbler says. Perhaps the pics do not do justice in regards to just how obtuse the spot is. I'm looking for some advice here. Pic before drying: Looks like a burn almost....wow that new pic is way different than the others....If that is not oil, you may have to darken the boots.
Yes, I can, Its kind of an odd gift I have developed. The following makers are locks for me to tell by seeing buttonholes: St. Andrews Kiton Attolini (non handsewn and handsewn) Isaia (again both machine and hand) Caruso I hate to admit the time I have put into it, but its true!
PATINA damn it. Its gonna happen.
Attolini for sure. Very beautiful coat! You are lucky!
Some of the pants have been made by incotex, so those are good. The shirts are cut like tents from great fabric and nice buttons.
I think Partenopea also has made some for Sartorio. I have an Attonlini Sartorio, I may be able to tell if I saw the button holes.
Actually, my kids pull on the back hem of my shirts all the time. I had a gusset blow on an Isaia shirt over Christmas. I suppose it served a purpose from the shirt tearing?
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