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Ive given up.
Ive stopped hitting consistantly. Ill let it rest for a few months. Im happy with what I have found and its built the equity I needed in the closet....perhaps the spring will bring better finds. The e-bay flippers are everywhere, lined up everyday snatching everything they can.
8.5 yesterday, with hill intervals at Lake MI in the middle (bad idea....I almost didnt make it back home)... I think I will do a quick 4 miles today. Any advice on diet, I am finding my legs feel like lead after a few miles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock 23.5 minutes on the 5k. Quite an improvement over the 26.4 mins I posted 2 weeks ago, but I attribute it to zeroing in on an appropriate pace. The easy gains are gone, time for real work now... Related- do you guys have any magic bullet against chafing? I have big boy thighs and this shit gets to be a huge drag after the first mile, even with me tights on. I have found using compression...
10.5 miles yesterday....I am sore today. Ill post pics of Lake MI today from the run... Damn I love these mizunos.
4 miles inside on treadmill, set incline to 8.5 with 9 min mile pace. Pretty much pissed off my achilles.... I can report that the switch from Brooks Adrenalines to Mizuno Wave Creations was a good one. The waves are amazing, loads of energy return in the heel. Did 9 miles on the first day in them, that kinda sucked. After 4 runs in them, they have begun to feel great.
19 pair Only one double (brown double monks, but they are different from eachother enough to be justified) 2 pair are boots. The rest are all unique and serve specific functions (bad weather, different suit or SC options).
Quote: Originally Posted by onix I once visited a consignment store and they had a bunch of Lorenzini, are they really good!? I find them underwhelming for the price. Also, I have yet to see a Lorenzini shirt that has a collar I like.
Damn did you raid my Yoox dream box?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Bullshit. Bespoke is no guarantee of perfect fit, styling, anything. I keep seeing this 'bespoke is the answer above $x price point' nonsense trotted up every time someone posts about expensive RTW. Oddly enough, mostly by people who have never tried the bespoke route themselves. Unless you know exactly how things should turn out, know exactly what you want, know exactly how to communicate it to your tailor, or...
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