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Some of the pants have been made by incotex, so those are good. The shirts are cut like tents from great fabric and nice buttons.
I think Partenopea also has made some for Sartorio. I have an Attonlini Sartorio, I may be able to tell if I saw the button holes.
Actually, my kids pull on the back hem of my shirts all the time. I had a gusset blow on an Isaia shirt over Christmas. I suppose it served a purpose from the shirt tearing?
they are a fetish item. I have a gusset fetish.
Usually very high, depending on who manufactured for them. We collectively can generally tell you who made the pants by posting the interior tags.
Things are bleak here, I have been pounding the shops and literally found nothing but a pair of Chinolino incotex. No shirts No blazers No suits No shoes No ties..... I was on a business trip in Santa Barbara, forgot a jacket, so I went thrifiting. For a wealthy town, the thrifiting was horrid. I am discouraged
[quote=mike540;2872042]Sometimes a guy just gets lucky.... Yep, that's 100% cashmere FUCK YES!!!! WOW
He is going to Despos, no need for our advice, he will make sure you dont make a mistake. He is a genius in this regard. Please show us the results?
Samnsung is good if Miele is too pricey.
Did you take those pics? If so, WOW, nice photography skills! Nice shoes too!
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