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There is no defense for a $6K OTR suit. Well, there is no defense for paying $6K for said suit. UNLESS....everything is just perfect and you feel that for the same $'s spent on bespoke you could not get a better fit and fabric. Personally, I think you could spend 2/3rds of that and do better by going bespoke. The other perspective is if you are a complete brand whore and have to have the world know you spent $6K on a Brioni at NM, then do it.
Both the Firenze and Milano have lower notch placement, where the Napoli and Roman styles have the notch placed "aimed" at the top of the shoulder. I much prefer that look. Also the size of the lapels are different.
Noice! That just boosted your thrifting karma 4 fold!
add and orthodic or heel pads.
These are work boots right? These are not some bespoke Lobbs or something. I know it hurts at first, but seriously, they are work boots. You worked in them....
So I found what looks to be some unworn cream colored beautifully made Brioni trousers (size 34 waist), and some bespoke Spano light grey flannel trousers, a nice Pal Zilari polo shirt (NWOT), and an Eve And Radencroft shirt (AMAZING). Total strike outs for months on jackets and ties. WTF, I have a feeling the ebay flippers are just on it, pisses me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy AAARGH! thumbing through all the stafford suits on my lunch break at the downtown salvation army and i feel somethign different. very different. pull it out and it's a gorgeous zegna mil-mil suit, minimal wear, kind of a dark blue and cinnamon windowpane. $12. and it's just too big. What size damn it?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Found an Hermès tie -- seems pretty recent. Perfect condition... what are these now, like $170 or $180 retail? I paid $3. I dont think this is fake. Come on, really if it were fake, would they weave in the wrong factory code? Anyhow, show us the tip color and the way it was folded, that will tell you. I have a woven (not print), that is way funky, but 100% real in the same way...
So, is the sizing on BB website for this particular shoe in US or UK sizing? If its UK, im going to do this.
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