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PM on the shirt!!
Wow this jacket is beautiful
I have one of the Green Stone shirts, its interesting as most of the handwork is on the interior/guts of the shirt and not plainly obvious as many similar shirts have. The fit is very slim and I love the collar. Super soft everywhere and lots of crazy cool details.
I see this as a great base. Use ties, shirts, and squares to "jazz" it up or down. Having a good base is what many do not have. A basic brown SC is next to a blue blazer in versitility and that one fits you great.
Finally this thread is the way it once was! I need to get back into the game!
are these full canvas'd?
I have these, they kick ass.
Fucking hot action that wallet is.
bump a roni. All or any offers are welcome. I want to move these.
It looks much better, thats it. When I say much, I mean, machine finished squares look like shit.
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