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Found a couple of the nicest Brioni shirts I have ever seen. Thick MOP buttons and hand sewn button holes. Also have very nice cut away collars. Ive always seen the Brioni shirts with fugly collars and lack luster sewing etc. These must be MTM or came from Europe. $5.00 for the pair @ Goodwill. Passed on two Corneliani SC's that were likely early 2000's.
About 8 years ago I had the pleasure of working on a project with Aveda in MN on attempting to do an extraction on a plant that had natural anti viral properties. At that time, I was introduced to their head perfumer, he was an elderly Japanese man who had the most amazing room of essential oils and rare/precious scents. He was like a wizard and watching him create was something to behold. It really is an art and a science-an artists craft. Good luck! I cant wait to...
Open to any and all offers or trades.
amazing bag!!! Dimensions?
Got mine yesterday. This shit is awesome. Its funny to read about the "pineapple" notes, its taken me a while to "see" that in the mix. I get more of a spicy sultry vibe. This stuff does hang on the skin a very long time. I took a shower an hour after putting one shot on my wrists and it was still very much around 6 hours later-even after a shower. Thank you again for the split. I dig this scent quite a bit.
Fucking Hot Action
PM on the shirt!!
Wow this jacket is beautiful
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