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Found an amazing Caruso SC in cotton cashmere corduroy-mid brown, for some store in Barcelona, functional sleeves, double vented. $5.00
Im a 15.75-15.5 in shirts.
I have three Steve Alan Shirts in XL....anyone?
Went back and grabbed 3 of the Steve Alan shirts. These are the reverse/inside out ones, in a black and white gingham, a blue and white stripe and a red white and blue check. All are XL. Not sure what to charge, so if you want all 3, shoot me a pm?
Came across 7 Steve Alan shirts, all XL. $5.00 each, are these something to pick up?
This is gorgeous! I want
Found a NWT H.Huntsman Tie in olive with tan and blue flowers. Otherwise not a damn thing!
Unvented jackets look quite good on men who are in good shape.
Nataku, those are super fuck yes awesome
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