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I got a forest green grenadine for Xmas. My second vanda tie. These ties are beyond amazing. I'm going to have to set a monthly budget just for Vanda. Keep up the superior work Gerald!!!
Finally something! Found a Stuarts Choice suit in straight up blue, by Isaia, with a sweet deep red lining. Double vented, 2 button. Size is 45R, too big for me, so it is available, pants are double pleated and have a bit of a small rip in the closure, but not seen when closed. Everything else is mint. Found a Ricci tie and a nice Breur tie Masons pants Polo made in Italy pants.
Found a very sweet pair of vintage 501's today. I have no idea exactly how old they are. They have 643M stamped behind the top button and have little e on the red tag. They also have a faint redline left in the selvedge. Size is 33 W, 32 L. Leather patch is sweet and aged. I could wear them, but if anyone is interested, shoot me a pm. Did a bit of thrifting up in the Twin Cities, Nulook consignment store on 50th and Penn had a bunch of Isaia suits, some of which were...
I think Caruso has moved closer to the soft tailoring side of the fence. A few years ago, the jackets were longer, the shoulders were a bit more padded and the canvass a bit more stiff. Now it is more like a typical non-structured feel.
Found a nice Hermes tie, my collection is growing. I never wear them, but I just have a collection....
Found an amazing Caruso SC in cotton cashmere corduroy-mid brown, for some store in Barcelona, functional sleeves, double vented. $5.00
Im a 15.75-15.5 in shirts.
I have three Steve Alan Shirts in XL....anyone?
Went back and grabbed 3 of the Steve Alan shirts. These are the reverse/inside out ones, in a black and white gingham, a blue and white stripe and a red white and blue check. All are XL. Not sure what to charge, so if you want all 3, shoot me a pm?
New Posts  All Forums: