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Good day so far. 5 charvets 1 Fray
Found a few interesting items as of late: NWT Drakes Tie for Barneys-beautiful solid blue woven, with white and yellow pin dots NWT Brioni pocket square. Ive thrifted alot of tasty things, but finding a pocket square of such finery is a new one for me. Couple pairs of Oxxford Trews TooBoot NYC suede engineer boots-these are bad ass Passed on a bunch of stuff, Zegna blazers, some Oxxford suits that were either dated, orphans, or huge Nothing cost more than $2.50
Found a bad ass current Isaia blue blazer and vintage pocket squares today + FF Bills M1 khaki's
The fabrics on piccolos are amazing too. They do not seem flimsy like many other heavy on the handwork shirts.
Thurr you go. I didn't put the jacket in, it's brown with green orange undertones, over dyed.
Ill post shortly. They are all 16 1/2 but fit like a 16 or even a 15.75 (Piccolo's). Finamore is a 16. None are available! They are badass.
Today was good! Raining unworn high end ties, the most expensive was $2.00 3 zegna 5 canali 3 Rt BOC Pal Zileri 1 Brioni Found 3 unworn Salvatore Piccolo shirts 1 Finamore 1 Arthur and Fox cotton SC made by either LBM or Bogioli. Totally unlined and totally bad ass.
Quckie. It was a custom job for Sid Jerome. No shoulder padding at all.
Finally!!! I found an unworn brown Isaia nail head suit in my size. Still basted.
Damn, I could have knocked this out in one store last night! IN
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