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Wife found this....its insane!
Spoo is that a moth hole in the gray trews?
Willie got replace by an octopus! I know BB Black Fleece was done by Caruso, but what line is this from? There is no BB tag in the jacket and only the strip of BB in the pants. Its an amazing blue pinstripe suit. Found it with an Isaia SC
In the same vein as above. I stumbled on this suit today... I'm well versed in Caruso-would you all agree I found a BB suit made by Caruso! Here is a pic of the tag in the pants.
Hey guys! I just started selling a few things on ebay. Last week I moved 3 items for a total of $670.00 to a buyer in FL (who is also a seller) and on the day it was delivered he filed an INR claim through paypal. Of course paypal froze the funds in my paypal and upon researching it, it would seem as though I have been scammed-due to the fact that ebay has a policy that in order to have buyer protection the shipment must have delivery signature if the item (s) are sold for...
Label help? This was made in France, no clue by whom. It's still basted shut.
Blue blazer. Nuff said
Guys, looking for the Billy Reid experts out there. Found this waxed cotton rain coat and can not find anything about it on the web or the bay! See pics, it has suede accents, a cinch waist, mop sleeve buttons, and a 3/4 zip front. [IMG][IMG][IMG] Also found some great oxxford cashmere SC's at the same place.
Gents! Some help needed to identify a pair of vintage Polo loafers, they have made in England stamped inside. They also have metal taps on the toes. Any thoughts on the nail pattern and who made them?
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