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Just popped into my place, snagged a Turnbull and Asser sea island cotton shirt and an unworn E. Marinella tie out the door $9.99
Perfect un-worn AE McNeil wingtips Double Soled, I do not have the box, not a scratch on the soles. I can include cedar trees for $8.00 Price includes FedEx ground shipping. These are factory seconds, but I see now flaws.
Found a pair of NWOT Allen Edmonds McNeils in 11. Not a scratch on the sole. Black longwing wingtips Available.
Today I found a pair of Mission 771 bookshelf speakers in cherry, un used, for $14.00 Otherwise, there was not shit! Way to go Nat.
Here are the antiqued shoes and my squares:    [/AT  TACHMENT]
Ive not posted in super long, but here is a roll call on my latest finds: Oxxford N3 Sport Coat, in a lovely brown and cream micro check super 120's, double vented, 0 shoulder padding Belvest cream, red, and blue Sheppard Check, amazing fabric and fit Chicago made SC in a Blue background, with a brown and dark blue over check, loro piana 100% cashmere, fully canvassed, exstensive handwork, double vented-the damn fabric not only looks amazing, but hot dam the hand of it...
If you are a 44R here is your chance to get two grey and two blue suits in one fell swoop for a very good price. All could use a dry cleaning, all issues are described below. The Grey suits are Adriano and Sons (R, Caruso) and Belvest The Blues are Canali (European version, much slimmer), and Givinchey I would be willing to sell all 4 for $300.00 obo shipped Fed Ex ground. US only. No returns please. I will include the hangers, they are all wood with shaped shoulders. I...
Some raw (looks like they were soaked) APC Petit Standards, selvedged. Fit like a glove. Happy for $7.71
Found an amazing very vintage, very minty, LL Bean suede shirt jacket. Looks like maybe late 60's
Yeah, that measurement was total, not BOC, so it fits perfectly!!!!
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