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There is another pair there, in better shape!
Dr. Livingston, Are those Etro shoes from Labels?
Some of the better ties for my admittedly too large stash of ties. There were a ton more, just didn't feel like taking tons of pics.Thank you various Goodwills of North Georgia.
What ever you do with the C&J make sure you strip them down so they are both at the same staring point. I believe they are very fixable. Just make sure where you start, meaning, stripping down with acetone etc., will make these puppies like new again. Ive done it many times.
Also, anything made by St. John....stuff is ugly as sin, sells so fast and for so much.
I have an SC made by them. Its ok, not great, cut is good, made just so so. Ill try to snap a pic of the labels.
I'ma jump back into posting my finds here....I love it again! So some recent-as of today: Couple Etro shirts, Some recent Henry Poole shirts, never seen these before, very cool collars and fabrics, no clue who makes these. Not Turnbull made. Huntsman pure cashmere hunting plaid-super bad ass, fairly recent Ravazollo unstructured blue blazer. Bogioli khaki cotton sc with awesome MOP buttons, size EU 52 Three Brioni suits-super recent, one needs a fabric repair, but in a...
yes and no, it you have wide lats, it can be problematic as the back is wider than the chest (front and back).
I did it full time here in Atlanta-moved from Chicago. It is not easy and it runs you-you do not run it. You are basically feast or famine-dependant on what any given person tosses to the thrift shops. Diversity is key, knowing tailored, street wear, shoes, accessories, and women wear is important. Also understanding the basics of what shows up all the time that can sustain you when you are not finding Kiton and other highly profitable items. I will say both markets...
Cucinelli right?
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