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Found an amazing pure camel hair cardigan with brown suede elbow patches by Alan Paine made in England. Perfect for this time of year!
Im clearing out what I have! Y'all have seen the EG's I have. I also have the following: 1. Alden full strap penny loafers shell cordovan-10.5, great overall shape, could use the rubber heel replaced 2. Allen Edmonds "Chukka" 3 eye chukka boot with leather sole in whiskey brown. Size 13D, in AMAZING condition 2. Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" in burgundy, not sure if these are shell or not, they feel like it, the kind of crease like it, but to be sure lets say they are...
I can measure it. I am not sure. As it is make for Bullock And Jones.
Got a pair of Edward Green for Bullock and Jones, size 9 on the 202 last. Awesome color. Decent over all condition. A few scuffs on the toes. Could use a re-heel. I would trade for some decent shoes or a nice Italian suit. I am 11-11.5 U.S. In shoes and 42R in suits. No pleated pants please. PM me for deets or to work out a trade.
SO last night I went to AA to celebrate my 20th sobriety birthday...she went to the local GW and found me a pair of Edward Greens...WTF. However, they are not my size-these are 9D (as hand written) awesome light brown captoe brogues. Once I make them pretty they will be available for trade.
Found a ton of NWT Eric Glennie ties here in ATL, wow.
Does anyone remember Eric Glennie?
hahaha. Well, we closed our Ebay store last year, which we had run full time, we consign here to fuel our thrifting habits. Basically, we liquidated our store there. I guess they like us-however we do not like them. If you think the mens side is bad, all I can say is you have seen nothing when compared to the ladies side across the street.In general, they sometimes have some ok things (like I buy Borrelli shirts there for dirt cheap, hardly find them in the thrifts),...
I didn't buy either. I liked both. One more than the other. No need to be defensive. You did good.
Very reasonable, they were EU 44. I liked them even more than the ones in this thread.
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