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GaGa is Borrelli
Yeah, that thing is 100% holy shit.
Man there are so many surprising labels I have come across.... Kiton shirts for Oxford would be one (the yellow on black that says made in Italy-made obvious by the amount of hand work) Oxxford for Paul Stuart Isaia For Paul Stuart Borrelli for Arny's paris (shirts) Borgioli for Certo Loro Piana for Michael Bastian Funny, almost every desirable label out there makes for other labels. It pays to know your labels, nail patterns, shirt labels, etc. Ill leave it at that.
I have a pair of RL suede boots I would trade for 11, these are chelsea boots.
Yep, they are of the same quality, however not the same styling. The bottom label is a bit older-meaning it will have beefier shoulders and the lapel notch placement will be lower, button stance may be lower, and the lapel width may also be different. Out side of those issue, they are both fantastic. ALSO... to add/confirm another label on here. I just bought a new suit from MP Massimo Di Piombo- IS made by Kiton, it is full canvassed and has quite a bit of handwork....
Got a pair of AE Patriots in black shell cordovan, great shape, size 9.5, I think someone tried to polish them and that polish is coming off. Either way, super easy to get perfect (shell is crazy forgiving) Also a EU 40R, NWT Sartoria Gajola suit, hand made in Naples. Great brand. I bought this a couple years ago, unfortunately, I got a bit too fat! It is in a mid gray, all the buttons are in a pocket in a inside pocket. All basting in place. 1/4 lined and very slim...
Found an amazing pure camel hair cardigan with brown suede elbow patches by Alan Paine made in England. Perfect for this time of year!
Im clearing out what I have! Y'all have seen the EG's I have. I also have the following: 1. Alden full strap penny loafers shell cordovan-10.5, great overall shape, could use the rubber heel replaced 2. Allen Edmonds "Chukka" 3 eye chukka boot with leather sole in whiskey brown. Size 13D, in AMAZING condition 2. Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" in burgundy, not sure if these are shell or not, they feel like it, the kind of crease like it, but to be sure lets say they are...
I can measure it. I am not sure. As it is make for Bullock And Jones.
Got a pair of Edward Green for Bullock and Jones, size 9 on the 202 last. Awesome color. Decent over all condition. A few scuffs on the toes. Could use a re-heel. I would trade for some decent shoes or a nice Italian suit. I am 11-11.5 U.S. In shoes and 42R in suits. No pleated pants please. PM me for deets or to work out a trade.
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