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For $3,000? Catch a plane and go meet in person to get your items back or solve the problems.
Sekonda is a great brand that can usually be found for less than $100. Their watches are a great value, and their styling lookings more expensive than $75-$100. I own a few from various trips through the UK (only spot you can get them besides ebay), and I've received numerous compliments on them. I agree that a watch shouldn't be a cheap part of a man's wardrobe, but a man doesn't need to spend lots of cash to check that box. Find what style you like at a price point...
I always thought Sekonda watches looked great for their price. On eBay, typically below $100. I've been fooled more than once thinking that a watch was a much "nicer" watch than just a Sekonda. Underrated IMO.
I agree about the Oliver Peoples build quality. Nice glasses (had them for a year), but they certainly feel delicate. Also agree with Randolph Engineering. Great glasses. If you want one more to try, Tom Ford.
Definitely interested. in greys and beige, FF, 35 waist. Would love a PM when this comes together.
I'm pretty sure that the prices listed are those that are on sale above the 14.92%. Every other shoe is on sale at ~15% off. Looking at the AE website will yield those prices. Steve
Do calf strengthening exercises and run (sprint) only on your toes. This is exhausting if your calf muscles are not ready for it, but if you build them up, you will greatly increase both your sprint and top-end run spead.
Good store, been there a few times. Union is the answer
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