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David thanks so much for the thumbs up. Most of the stitching on the vintage longwing FS I see are so covered in grime wax dirt and who knows what that you can't tell what kind of welt stitching was ever usedAny suggestions as to finalizing these? Mid brown wax and be done?
Thanks all for the complimentsWhat is "v cleat toe straightening "
Hello All Id appreciate any suggestions on what polishing/color steps to take next in this Flor. 96302 restoration project. Bottom line is the color is very uniform and does not look alive or that it has any depth. Usually by this late in the process I have some indication where to go but any suggestions appreciated. Not sure if this is due to the pebble grain, or the underlying color. or age.... By way of background, pick these Florsheim's up to clean up and thrown a...
Let us know when they arrive:D:D:D:D
I mightIa new to this gmto thing but I might be interested in the dundee mto or maybe even Kczsilences pair but need some assistance in sizingI'm a USA 9d brannock and the only c j I have is the peal Consiston version on what I believe is the 202 last. This fits pretty well but slightly large enough for a heavier sock. My concern is the 325 last may be too wide.Also is there a link for details on the timing price down payment of the finders. ThanksAny thoughts...
Not holding my breath on seeing mine from this mto this winter lol
Will do although I see a typo in my prior post. It should re in a size 8UK. The shoes are in NY
thank you everyone who responded. I truly appreciate the info and depth of knowledge on this forum. I have a sneaking suspicion the boots are just too small, so i bit the bullet and ordered a new pair .5 size up. If they are huge...they go back no loss....if they are good...well i may have a virtually new pair of acorn stows in a uk for sale...
Can someone ping me to a post Discussing their method of cleaning welt stitching I've done a search but don't seem to find anything. Maybe Lexol and toothbrush is all one needs?
Has anyone tried a vibram commando or minilug sole on a pair of brown Florsheim long wings ? I'm thinking of trying it on a beater pair but having trouble visualizing
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