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On a similar note I'm a 42 long in the Fitzp. I usually take a bit of waist suppression. Would you go contemporary or slim fit on the S & M suit.? Thanks dont mean to hijack
PM sent thanks
Rick I sent in a shirt along (with a return) for use as a mesurement template for a custom shirt order a while back. Have not hear anything since. Is there anything i need to do to follow up...thanks
Any chance you will be doing ties in a slightly narrower width like 3 inches?
Not sure if this should be posted here or in the ask a tailor thread but my question concerns Suit fit for a tall thin, body but with with very square shoulders. All the OTR suits ive tried make my head look like a ball resting on a shelf. Other then looking at minimally padded shoulder models and/or soft shoulder suits, what does one do either via MTM (or otr) to ameliorate this issue. I would like to achieve a look where the back of the collar is slightly higher then...
I have some pristine high end ties (brioni, barbera etc.) which i never wear and was thinking about throwing them up on the B/S forum. Ive looked at past sales is $40-$70 the going range?
Agreed- that lapel is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too wide
Did you specify the collar height and length
Hello so I bought this crazy blazer for next to nothing but having a total brain freeze on what color shirt and tie to wear it with. It's so out of my usual conservative color patter spectrum that I'm flummoxed. Any suggestions appreciated. And yes the tie will probably cost more then the Sportcoat Thanks in advance Maybe this one?
Thank you for the response. I picked up a 16 to get the 35 inch sleeve and moved the top button out to give some room. I'd really prefer the 16.5 but no go with a 35 sleeve Given this anyone know what the average Nyc Cost is for sleeve shortening ? Otho the knits. Which come in S M L fit well and are outstanding I'm guessing about $40. If it's that high the value proposition is reduced as its now a 110 shirt
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