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Hello- Would someone be able to point me to a site or thread on how to identify recent LVC models from the tag? I have not posted or looked at threads in a while so im a bit out of the loop. For example, id love to know the year, model and wash of these LVC from Cultizim, because they are too big and would like to trade/sell. Thanks in advance for any help
Just a bump on this old thread. If someone is offering a used tompkins bag for sale, id like to know. Mine was stolen in NY recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp FWIW, a local bay area retailer of RM Williams says RM Williams now uses lower quality leather than they did several years ago. A long time Williams customer kept returning boots with the claim that the leather was inferior to his older ones. The owner of the store had been noticing it too. After several calls to RM Williams in Australia, he finally had someone from the company admit that their using cheaper leather than...
West: thanks for the reply. Can you confirm then that its EG policy not to work on shoes previously altered? Also how much did it cost for the resole? Can one just pack em up and send to the factory or do you need to request authorization or similar.
Would any of you resole an EG here in the states or send them back to the UK. given shipping costs these days i rather do it locally, but only with a reputable referral. thanks
Would you all be comfortable sending high end shoes to B Nelson for a resole , eg. lobb, green, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 According to whom? and what were they touted to be able to do? There is some general consensus that B. Neson in NYC is the go-to place for resoling shoes. Resoling good shoes like the ones we love. Ferragamos and Maglis don't get much love around here. To bump an older thread. Would any of you use B nelson for an Edward Green resole rather then send a pair back to the factory?
Just trust yourself about fit if you got to PS. Their salespeople are err legendary .....do a search here or at AABC
Funny, those are my two watches!. I went through this delimma myself. They are two totally different species. One is sport and one is dressier. Therefore, i say by both by trying to find a used one or used both. then alternate
Anyone used the LP on dress shoes. Consensus here seems to be to use the oil on dress shoes but i have the LP and a pair of AE beaters id like to treat. In other words, will the LP cause damage to dress shoes?
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