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Not sure what you are talking about when you say they have a picture. Normal DC Parking tickets do not have pictures on them nor have I have ever seen Parking Nazi's taking pictures of license plates.
X 2 this is what I was trying to say if it wasn't clear.
DC resident here so I have paid my fair share of tickets. I have had that happen to me once and since the Plate # is off they can not track you down so don't worry about that one. I would pay the other 2 though, fines double after 30 days unpaid.
What model was your original and how and how much did you sell it for? Been tossing around the idea of selling my original iPad and upgrading to the 3.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington The above info was from Stats I get at hockeydb. Most of my news I get from TSN or specific city papers (Boston Globe, Vancouver Sun, etc.) Most trade rumors I get from HF Boards because it works as an information aggregator without me having to do the legwork. As a general rule I stay away from blogs. They're mostly written by bombastic retards and add little value to my hockey knowledge....
I was curious what news sites/blogs you guys read that are not team specific. On a daily basis I check out Puck Daddy, TSN and CBC. Any other good sites out there I should be checking out?
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude I want Tampa to win, unfortunately it looks like Boston has hit their stride and are gonna take over. Poor Roli... add him to the long list of dudes who deserve a cup, but will probably never get one. No one deserves a cup. The NHL playoffs are all about who can push themselves harder than the other guy. 2 weak goals last night against him tells me he didn't want it as much as the next guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet When I was a kid watching wonder years it just seemed like such a depressing show though I never missed an episode. All the stress the dad was under, the depressory mood and worst of all Kevin never tapping Winnie I mean wtf is up with that? He didn't even get a reacharound after all that time, ridiculous. Loved Night Court haha. We need a Perfect Strangers movie now. It is highly implied in the last...
For me it was 2 years of Division 1 crew. Most physically draining thing I have ever done. Best part was after 2 a days and class you get to wake up and do it all over again the next day!
Do whatever you like and think looks best. For me all dress pants are cuffed, always.
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