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I'm going to a cocktail party, and am wondering if it is okay to wear a charcoal flannel suit. Thanks!
Hi Folks, I've got a favor to ask: anyone with an expiring Allen Edmonds $35 promo code that they could spare? Thanks, Valproate
I wouldn't risk it for plastics or ophthalmology. Plastic surgeons and ophtho's (not surprisingly) have a good eye. Any other surgical sub and you'd be okay. When I was on the interview trail for an internship in internal medicine, I've seen the worst dressed interviewees: pinstriped suits with Dansko's clogs. Really? If you're going to play with fire with pinstripes, you gotta at least match it with an appropriate pair of shoes (might as well go whole-hog and go with...
What field are you going into? For most residencies, brown is fine. Just make sure your belt matches your shoes.
Agree that retail is a fair price to pay. Picked my Harbour's up for $95 (down from $115 list price) on AE's website. Some other websites are carrying it for $65 now.
I got the Allen Edmonds Harbour boat shoe. Very comfortable, better support than Sperry, and I like the blue and gold finishing. It's on clearance currently.
I wear $50-80 shirts, and could afford a 2nd-hand Tag, but I like quartz watches. It's not the SF-approved thing to say, but I like their accuracy. To get a mechanical watch as accurate as a quartz, I'd probably have to spend significantly more.
Whoa, 35 mm, good catch. I have a leather-banded watch (35 mm, good size for me), but was looking at this to replace my current 40 mm stainless-steel watch, which has served me well. Probably will go for a chronograph instead.
Hi Folks, I'm looking at this stainless-steel Seiko watch, and I like everything about it except I'm not sure about the black face. Can I wear this with a shirt and tie? Thanks!
Excellent, thanks for the advice.
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