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OK two things: 1. Make sure you're working biceps and triceps 1 to two times per week and are doing 3 to 4 exercises consisting of 3-4 sets; for me it's Bicep: 3 sets concentration curls; 4 sets hammer curls; 4 sets preacher curls Tricep: 3 sets skull crusher; 4 sets tricep pulldowns(the best imo); 4 sets overhead lift 2. The real gains come during mealtime, make sure you're eating clean, consuming 30g of protein after your workout, and have about a 300-400 calorie surplus
Quote: Originally Posted by why I never understood this method of thinking -- 'I'm grumpy', 'I'm moody', 'I'm just like that', etc. -- because it's a conscious admission with no resolution; it's as if the admission itself is prophylactic and enables a continuance despite the conscious realization of a fault. well actually I'm a very happy person, but when i get into ketosis mode little things piss me off
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk I'm down with getting extra grumpiness, but does keto really fuck up mental functions? Enough that it'd give me issues in school? no, when i was in that state i actually remembered things better and achieved a higher score on my SAT
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta I think Garnier Fructis (green bottle) is the best grocery store shampoo. agreed, costco always has the huge ones at a good price too
the worst part of ketosis for me is that i get grumpy as fuck
I just smile and have eye contact, wondering what made you post this question
Quote: Originally Posted by syracuse1976 The Fuhrer aside, if you're working out hard, 3-4x/week is the most you can do and still build significant muscle and strength. Stress + rest = success. True if you're trying to get strong abs, but to see them and have that definition its all about low bf%
Quote: Originally Posted by LuxeStyles six times a week? give them a rest This is something I've heard different things about, some recommend working it out like every other muscle once/twice a week, others say you can work them out everyday moderately; I like training them every day, I seem to get better results
I personally like drinking a lot of water till my urine is colorless, though it kind of is a pain going to the bathroom every hour
I lift around 4 times a week, though i do abs 6 days a week and cardio around 5
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