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Any pics/inspiration as to how to incorporate tan suede Wyatts into more formal looks (business casual)?
Anyone have more pics of this piece on person or standalone? Thinking about buying...
Beautiful. Still hard to pull the trigger at $450
The entire collection is not available for pre-order on ysl.com. For example, there are some items that Matches has that haven't popped up on ysl.com yet.
Thanks. I checked Mr. Porter US and it's basically sold out there as well. May go back in store and pick it up.
Killing it as always!Tried on the 3 Passants belt in store yesterday (gunmetal with textured leather) I decided not to pick it up because I thought I could find it cheaper online. Turns out not to be the case. Are they even making that model any more? I don't see the gunmetal on the SLP website.
On the topic of shoe care... Do you guys recommend using shoe trees for the suede Wyatts? Also, what kind of suede protector?
Thank you. Is $500 a good price for that shoe, or can it be purchased for substantially cheaper?
Thanks Bussit
Ordered some suede Wyatts and I'm super hyped! Any recommendations on a suede protector? Also, do you guys use shoe trees for these?
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