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Is this the FW16 season? If so, things aren't looking good...
Any update on how this season's jeans will fit?
How would you recommend to size on this? I'm a 14.5 in almost every brand, but have never gotten an SLP top before.
Very helpful, thank you!Do you recommend that I topy the sole? This is my first foray into nice dress shoes.
Best way to take care of calfskin shoes? Should I use a shoe tree/leather conditioner?
Pulled the trigger and I finally got the shoes in. Love them!Any tips on how to take care of calfskin? Shoe tree and/or leather conditioner necessary?
Any tips on care for the Nut Suede Wyatt's? Shoe trees and/or suede protector?
It's an OK deal. For what it's worth, I got my Suede Wyatts brand new for $760 USD. You can get suede Wyatts during sales between $750-$850 if you know where to look, albeit they won't be FW14.
Great, thank you! Now I just need to find the piece since it's sold out on
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