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i literally george foreman everything
Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard Go find a psychiatrist and get a prescription for dexedrine or adderall, and I guarantee you will lose all the weight you want and your house will be fucking spotless. Win win situation. haha, im surprised no one brought this up til now, will work like a charm though
in n out as far as a ff chain goes, but I've had some other burgers at mom and pop fast food joints that have been just amazing
literally zero, and none of that i can't believe it's not butter bullshit
tweezers, it'll hurt a little but you'll get rid of that sucker
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I'll save you 200 pages and $24.95. Eat Unprocessed. THIS
Quote: Originally Posted by APK No way you put on 15 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. ya man if you're gaining weight that fast watch out; theres a lot of fat building up too then
I remember i crossed the picket line at ralph's a few years back when they were striking, and as i walked in i go the dirtiest looks possible
Success to me is being healthy and living comfortably
just be outgoing and talk to random people; its a party for christs sake you're there to have a good time and meet new faces
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