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Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan ^ Truth be said, I had my doubts up until the moment I received it. great watch. and great dedication in finding it!
furo is a great seller. good communication and service.
I like. bottom seems a bit untidy, but in a good way
moo, I've seen some great things from you. This is not your best.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Impatient for the 80s (80°F, that is) Spring Tuesday: Borrelli cotton trousers - B Like the longer pants. Makes a huge differnce in terms of a more relaxed look.
would size 38 Beaufort be a good size over a 38 sc? or is 40 a better option?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Nicely understated and looks comfy. Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 +1. It always strikes me how comfy Fred looks in his clothes. Might be the chair.
nice coats. Have the first one, great fit!
gshen: like the seiko more pocket squares comming up?
Great watches. What about servicing? Do you have to sendt it to Japan?
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