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Now up to 70% off on the US site
The sale is on!
My most comfortable EGs are probably my Newmarkets on the 202 D. They fit like a sock.
Steven, I'm unfamiliar with the 58 last. Fit-wise, what other EG last would you compare it to?
Love these - RLPL Bamford?
I don't believe deco would work for me. My understanding is that it is even narrower than the TG73, is that correct?
How about a Burnham in Margaux -The last I'm not so sure about - I was thinking either DG70 or MH71.
I have been considering dyeing my pair as well - I'm thinking that the contrast is a little too much even for someone in my profession Now I'm kinda scared to "experiment."
I just noticed G&G's "coronation red" on their Instagram. Has anyone seen this color in person? What would you wear it with?
Gents, can any of you comment on the fit of the 100 last? I've searched and the one definitive comment I found suggested that I should go up half a size. I'm a US 10.5 on the 888, 202 and 606 lasts. Any input would be appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: