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+3 on the sale proxy. I've been dying to get my hands on a pair of Camdens like Cleav's -
Now up to 70% off on the US site
The sale is on!
My most comfortable EGs are probably my Newmarkets on the 202 D. They fit like a sock.
Steven, I'm unfamiliar with the 58 last. Fit-wise, what other EG last would you compare it to?
Love these - RLPL Bamford?
I don't believe deco would work for me. My understanding is that it is even narrower than the TG73, is that correct?
How about a Burnham in Margaux -The last I'm not so sure about - I was thinking either DG70 or MH71.
I have been considering dyeing my pair as well - I'm thinking that the contrast is a little too much even for someone in my profession Now I'm kinda scared to "experiment."
I just noticed G&G's "coronation red" on their Instagram. Has anyone seen this color in person? What would you wear it with?
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