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Hi All, Looking for some winter footwear advice from you fine gentlemen... last year I spent about a week bouncing around Europe in a pair of Red Wing classic moc boots kind of like these. I had a fantastic time, and while my feet stayed dry, they were miserable because of the weight and relative constriction after hours of walking around. This year, I'm taking off for a month to hit Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, and while I don't necessarily want to get serious snow...
Sorry, just have the large!
Have a large Nau Urbane jacket that I need to sell... never been worn - bought this in a couple of sizes and missed the return date. Bought new in January from for $165, asking $110 shipped CONUS. Here's a link with better pics than I'm able to take: Awesome completely waterproof jacket that's great for cycling or other outdoor activities. The color is closer to a brown than a charcoal gray, that's...
Nau urbane jacket in carbon heather, NWT size large. Will post pics and measurements if anyone's interested. Great jacket, this was just the wrong size... totally water/wind proof, great for cycling. Color is a bit more chocolate than what you see on their site: Looking for $150 shipped CONUS.
I'm in the middle of invisalign right now, and barring any need for additional alignment, my treatment is top and bottom for 36 weeks ~ $5000, which includes all the tweaking and whitening at the end. Just about all the providers have a payment plan. Cheaper than my car payment every month, and worth every penny, AFAIC. Braces are cheaper though, from what I could tell, and if I was 22 instead of in my late 30's I'd go that route.
I want to buy them and they're not even my size. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Durex Extra Sensitive, purple and black box. +1
At least 30 minutes if not more, depends on the type of place it is too.
Was just hunting down a deal on PS ties a couple of days ago. Would love to see some pics...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Which season had the best version of Tom Waits's Way Down in the Hole? I have to agree it's season 4. Steve Earle's version grates on my nerves, I skipped the opening every time on season 5.
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