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I agree whole-heartedly. Trying to get the best last/size is tricky, And seeing a shoe in person can make a big difference in ones appreciation of the shoe. In my experience there is nothing like trying on the shoes in person to get the most satisfaction from them. That is why I regret not stopping in to Buday and trying some. Attila was the same way. They appear to have lovely shoes but I did not stop in. For those that can swing it, Budapest is a great place to...
I had a chance to pass by the store recently. Didn't stop in (more interested in the Vass store) but their window was fun. Sorry for the poor iPhone quality.
I sent an email to Vass asking about the color... Rezső says it is deep brown box calf.
Not oxblood, there isn't any red. Just a mid brown.
I was in Budapest and they were in stock in the store. Don't think I would have bought them unless I saw them in person.Couldn't resist having another pair made up... the Budapest in medium brown suede. They should be here in a month or two.
New Norwegers on the Peter last
Thanks jrd, this inspired me...to add this to my collection.
Vanda, Unknown, Drakes Panta, Drakes, Hober Unknown, Saks, BoO (Wedding ties) Hober, PC, Hober Hober, Hober, Vanda Capelli, Unknown, Drakes Drakes, Vanda, Drakes Capelli, Drakes, Capelli Brighter pic of the last Capelli above to prove that it is striped
I was watching Bill O'Reilly and got distracted by the weather; which inspired me to bring out the camera; which doesn't happen often enough any more...
Wish I had more room for vegetables. When I lived in NJ we had acreage and built a garden that was a dream. It was fenced on the sides and below (literally underneath the floor of the garden) to keep out the wildlife. Raised beds and drip irrigation proved to make it very prolific indeed. We grew tomatoes, all types of greens, corn, radishes, onions, potatoes, peppers, many types of beans, squash, cucumbers, etc. During the summer months it was hard to keep up with...
New Posts  All Forums: