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I like to wear scarves when it's cold
I would agree. Function is an important factor in dressing. I find it admirable when someone looks good and is prepared for the circumstances of the day.
I was in school during the late 70s and nude PE classes weren't all that unusual I don't think. Particularly at swimming times. I don't think they expected every guy to have a suit. That wasn't going to stop them from being evaluated for their swimming skills though. I recall Cornell having an all male swim time at their pool where suits were optional.
I'm not the best person to compare fits of the different lasts but I believe I wear 41.5 in the F and a 41 in the Peter. The Peter is an older, more traditional last though which suits me fine. In fact, I recently replaced a pair of Bordeaux scotch grain Norwegers on the F last with the same shoe on the Peter last.
Here are a pair of Norwegers on the Peter last in dark brown that I posted a little while back:
Pretty sure these types of guidelines aren't issued any more. That's too bad. I like that football games were formal occasions back then.
Bell-bottomed, hip-hugger jeans with "VOTE" embroidered on the back pocket A paisley shirt with a big collar Macrame belt Braces I can't remember what shoes I wore but it doesn't really matter because you couldn't hardly see them.
I agree whole-heartedly. Trying to get the best last/size is tricky, And seeing a shoe in person can make a big difference in ones appreciation of the shoe. In my experience there is nothing like trying on the shoes in person to get the most satisfaction from them. That is why I regret not stopping in to Buday and trying some. Attila was the same way. They appear to have lovely shoes but I did not stop in. For those that can swing it, Budapest is a great place to...
I had a chance to pass by the store recently. Didn't stop in (more interested in the Vass store) but their window was fun. Sorry for the poor iPhone quality.
I sent an email to Vass asking about the color... Rezs┼Ĺ says it is deep brown box calf.
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