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While we're at it, what fits like Thomas Pink slimfit? Bonus points if the shirts have the side panels like TP design.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern I'll take shirts #1 and #5. Also, what are the measurements on coat #3? On coat #3: shoulders - 20" armpit to armpit - is this chest? - 25.75" waist - 24.75" arms - 25.5" length - 32.5 I'll send you a PM and mark those sold. Thanks =)
Moving across the country and getting rid of my old clothes! I lost some weight recently, and I'm willing to trade for size 11 shoes or 15.5/34 slim shirts. All shirts are 17-35 and are $10 each. Shipping is $6 for the first shirt, all subsequent shirts are free shipping. Shirt 1: Paul Fredrick Brown Check Button Cuff(prices above) sold , Shirt 2: Paul Fredrick Solid Blue French Cuffs (prices above) - note small stain Shirt 3: Paul Fredrick "Custom" Pink Stripe...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Did you pay full retail ($249 or anything over $150)? If so, it's not your budget. You are shopping at the wrong places. I asked for and received them for a birthday a couple of years ago. I know they were $215 at the time, though. What is the right place to buy?
Ben Sherman Jermyn St Fit is similar to Thomas Pink slimfit. The BS is perhaps a touch slimmer.
Johnston Murphy Dawson Boots. I love these things but wear them sparingly so as to not destroy them. My budget is clearly less than the rest of yours
I recently got out of college where I paid no attention to my appearance. I started out by buying some really casual sportcoats and wearing them over graphic tees, then got some business casual dress shirts (vertical stripes) that fit nicely, then later figured out the bag. Assuming you're like most students walking around with a backpack, I'd go in this order: 1) Find a nice bag. Brown leather is more casual and versatile than black leather, so if you choose black...
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