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Can anyone help me figure out whether I should be buying the Justin or the Predator cut? What should I be considering if I choose either one (ie. I wear boots so thus Justin etc.)? Also, I should size up one right?
:O really? I thought that book was really good... The world he made was pretty entertaining and created a really good foundation for the rest of the series.
After stalking TOJ since the first iteration of the varsity way back when, I finally ordered my first leather from charly, culminating years of lust, denial, and slowly looking at my bank account in guilt. I always thought that people who were being anal about their measurements was ridiculous. Now I know the truth. Buying your first leather, or anything expensive that you have to size yourself is somewhat scary. Add on the extreme amounts of pressure of having wanted the...
*sigh* wow, I honestly can not believe this thread. Disclaimer: I am Asian and have grown up with this practice all my life. I do it pretty much anywhere. People are claiming to be offended over something as small as being asked to take off their shoes. Something that takes half a minute to do and barely inconveniences you. Perhaps its just my upbringing but I've never considered my place as a guest being so much higher than the host's. The host has been nice enough to...
Wow I got quoted a lot. To be expected since I essentially insulted the very foundation of this forum. Quick summary of upcoming long post: You are new. Dressing professionally is expected. But if you try to dress well as a new professor, you look like an overconfident blowhard because your clothes will impress no one. Trust yourself on whats ok to wear, and don't trust the advice of a fashion forum.As a graduate student (or any student that wants to succeed) you want to...
As a new faculty member, you should be focused on getting your tenure, not on how to look like "authority." I don't know where you are working, but people dress sloppy because what actually commands authority in academia is what you are actually able to accomplish, not just cause you look the part. Dress your age and you are by default you are not dressing like your students but try and dress well as a new faculty member and no one will take you seriously.
Well, I leave to study abroad in Japan in a week and a half. I haven't left yet and all my friends are already worrying about me, oddly enough. I'm headed to Osaka so far from the earthquake, but a friend of mine is headed north and she's not sure if she can still study. I wish the best for all the Japanese people tho.
interested in the Uniqlos. Do you have waist and inseam measurements? thanks.
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