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Lapo Elkann loves pocket squares White, classic Poshfit, white with chain Blue and white Colorful stripes Pink and White What do you prefer?
Women... NO ...more .......Italian Women Martina Stella Bianca Brandolini d'Adda
Lapo Elkann: the style leader His Car: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Hate It Or Love It ..... but he's the style leader
Lapo Elkann: the four elements Air Water Fire Earth
A double breast hand-made plush jacket ... good idea Fitness Chic Style
Jewish !!!
Made in Italy
new ideas are born by re-visiting the past!!!!!
Lapo Elkann, the famous fashion designer and the famous gossip man, is the style leader in my opinion . Lapo Elkann, according Vogue America would be the most elegant man in the world. There aren't style model like him. High level !! In the picture Lapo Elkann wears Italia Independent jacket and pocket handkerchief with chain jewelry Poshfit, in Florence at the Pitti Man 76 ( "Il Giornale", 17 June 2009)
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