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sold thanks sf!
I've got 3 pairs of Naked and Famous Weird guys in size 36, all hemmed to 32.5-33 professionally. - Grey selvedge never washed, worn 15 x - Indigo selvedge one hot soak with woolite dark - Lightweight selvedge one hot soak with woolite dark Open to anything or offers. Let me know!
2 Ties for sale here that have been worn less than 3 times each! The Barneys tie is a orange with blue, beige and red stripes. Forgot what this retailed for I'm thinking somewhere over $100. 100% silk. 30-25 pp'd and shipped conus The Lancetti tie is a multiple lavender colored striped tie with beige in it as well. Very nice tie here that retailed for over $100. Think it was worn once. 100% silk on this one as well. 25-20 pp'd and shipped...
measurements on the denim?
ADDED DB's in size 43 as original buyer flaked.
Quote: Originally Posted by anonymouschris if these were 44's i'd propose a trade! great prices. i would keep the blue suedes if they were a 44... damn!
Size 44 white, or gray, maybe black. regular or gum soles okay. preferably good / excellent / new condition. let me know what you got. thanks!
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