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Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Usually on a fiddleback the waist is also beveled and the inseam is set a bit more under the insole. This results in the stitching being well under the edge of the vamp/insole. It is meant to be hidden. I believe the standard is about five stitches to the inch in the waist...double that or a little more (tighter) in the forepart. Unless the welt itself is channeled you will see the stitching in the...
DWFII- thanks for the info. i learned a lot. regarding my question about the fiddleback. i've noticed on some GY welted shoes w/fiddleback, the GY thread can be seen going around the front of the shoe, but not along either side of the waist. does this mean the shoe is not sewn on the waist? there are also ones where the waist area is sewn through the sole appearing like an unchanelled GY or blake welt.
DW- great thread, i just went through al fourteen pages. can you explain a little about how the waist of the sole is sometimes bevelled creating a spine? it is a feature that i've seen on lobbs and some bespoke shoes. in some cases the the shoes have a channeled welt on the front of the shoe and have the waist area welted aloft. how is this look achieved, is this area shaped by hand? http://www.styleforum.net/attachment...1&d=1264349430
went by uniqlo today in SH, looks like H&M cuts meet uniqlo. everything seems to be cut a little slimmer and less boxy than the regular uniqlo stuff. fabrics are just so-so. the men's stuff was thoroughly picked through, while the womens stock was 100% complete. i picked up a pair of corduroy jeans from the regular stock.
dress fancy, dont act fancy. you should be fine...
i refer enough clients and order enough jackets, pants, and shirts from my tailor that he just does this for free for me, even on OTR stuff. when i think back on the amount of adjustments i've made him do, i would hate be a tailor and have deal with someone like me. he seems happy enough to do it though, so i count myself as quite fortunate in this regard.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 The Asian contingency on the forum (ones from HK/Australia) ALL carry totes. Ask them if they feel gay. i'm not saying that the asian contingent aren't fashion whores, but... as i understood, those bags that PG, etc carry are for a camera or office stuff. the tote seems like it would be only for fashion's sake. on a side note, the "man-purse" is an evolution of the "man-clutch" for alot of men in asia....
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Yes, looks like an expensive gym bag. Looks fine to me. the link brings you to a holdall first, i assumed by "tote" he meant the tote bag that a coupla pictures down. but even if you thought it was an "expensive gym bag", wouldnt you think its weird or excessive to walk around with, essentially, a piece of designer carry-on luggage with just a blackberry, a wallet, a some contrived junk just to make it...
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD when i my wife makes me carry her tote bag when we shop i feel ghey... then again those big stores in soho usually have seating in the middle ... what i like to call "boyfriend and husband seating" thats where the whipped guys sit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby Pink i use it to carry my wallet, blackberry, car keys etc. And when i go out, it comes in useful as i can just throw whatever stuff i buy into the tote. Plus, like i said, i just like the design of tote bags. i thought that was what all the pockets were for in a jacket. if you must carry something how about something a little less conspicuous and less branded than a full on designer bag...?
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