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Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Kind of like In and Out Burger opening in NY ? burger talk is taking over SW&D lol
burgers are cool but what about burritos? i want to try something better than chipotle/qdoba for big, awesome burritos
yeah that's really cool.
if you browse waywt regularly it's pretty hard not to come away with an idea of what looks good and how things should fit. easy sense of style imo
Quote: Originally Posted by snake maybe my favorite waywt poster
no, i guess i don't get it. backlash to running shoe hate?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 we got u
Quote: Originally Posted by cbusguy nice. i think it would look great w/ a pair of nb 993 instead of the adidas. what is the appeal of either of these shoes? inquiring minds want to know
is that station's tagline really "blazin 24/7"? lol SF requests texico bitches
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I wear under $10 (don't remember the price) Uniqlo shirts in xs. I have 20-25 of their white tees. Cheap and nice fit. The OP should go for those, nicer than AA. Most expensive tees I got are Rick Owens double-layered longsleeves at $350-400. I honestly almost never wear the RO, in fact I think I got one left... uniqlo tees don't work for me, i got the XS (fits more like a small) at their soho location and...
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