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28" length on a small? dayum
what are some good cooking shows?
no one's posting homescreens yet? just got a samsung vibrant a few weeks ago, here's what i stuck with after playing around with launcherpro and desktop visualizer:
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. @RFX, thanks for the advice man, I'll try it out. @riio, thanks as well, I already host on imgur, but I'll try that editing site. i wouldn't use MS paint to resize, fucks up image quality. paint.net does resizing fine and also has some other nice features if you ever need em
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. Funny right? I'm such a dunce. I'm gonna go lurk moar, and also learn how to post a properly sized photo. www.getpaint.net to edit images, www.imgur.com to host them @lordgold: jeans and beard fit really well
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. (edit: xbox hueg picture) Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. (goddamnit tiny picture) Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. (forget this, huge picture again)
marathon cardio catabolizes leg muscle, if you have a regular sized waist it's probably more muscle than fat down there
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser maxfield, target, h&m, paul smith looks good, +1 to BB1 on the interesting hues. what paul smith shoes are those?
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira It's quite sad that 95% of the attractive women I've seen on this trip have had cigarettes in hand and the other 5% had Starbucks are you still in NYC? heard it's been ungodly hot
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Kind of like In and Out Burger opening in NY ? burger talk is taking over SW&D lol
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