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Quote: Originally Posted by jet Just had a dream I was at an sf meet-up and dus were asking me for knit advice. Going to need a break from the forum. what knit is best?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil sup nil
do you guys seriously get angry if a gay dude hits on you?
last page was awkward, hope sq doesn't write anymore SF fanfic
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Wearing my black Uniqlo S-002's for the first time in several months. The (what I perceive to be) excessive fabric below the knees is driving me crazy. Might have to finally jump on over to the other side and go with a black pair that tapers. I guess that shows how my tastes have changed in the last couple of years. I remember the first time I wore these after buying them during summer '09, my now-ex called me "Mr. Slim...
Quote: Originally Posted by SeckBoy I can't believe people are busting their collective nut over this decidedly mediocre fit. all of jwied's fits would benefit from better lighting and photography, i'm sure he looks way better in person than in his fitpics. he wears some interesting pieces and they all fit well
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Eagerly opened the jugend spread for possible use, but the models are wearing way too much makeup for me to be taking anywhere near the dude who cuts my hair for $7. i just found a good asian barber around here so i'm getting rid of the buzzcut. still in that awkward stage though, looks like this right now:
42 is US size 9 and the next size down is 41 (US size 8). if they're a decent width maybe i should go with the 41 but now i feel like i have small feet syndrome
nil you said the S2A sneaks fit TTS? i also have wide-ass feet and i'm a 8.5 in vans/clarks, so i should probably go with the size 42 right
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