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i fucking love those jeans, but that hair is reaching nicolas cage levels
got a fitpic?
Quote: Originally Posted by grouper looks good, clean
thinking of ordering some shirts over the phone; i only have a flannel from uniqlo but i had to size down and even then it fit better after a hot wash. do you guys size down on the oxfords too?
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn Hey folks was eating out with friends a couple hours ago and I just noticed I got unknown sauce on my jeans! NOOOOOO!!! What should I do, how should i clean them? now you have to soak your jeans in sauce so it looks even
Quote: Originally Posted by Hey Man Most kids in high school today are fucking morons and this generation is full of non-contributing zeroes - so that ain't saying much. you really are an old fogey. everything from your idea that "music = rock" to musical choices like jet and black label society to admitting that the internet plays no part in how you consume music screams out of touch. and that's cool, but you can't claim to know...
i'm more of a dinosaur leather guy
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix which would be fine if i had your feet cos i wouldn't need flippers to swim to australia.
Quote: Originally Posted by airblaster503 Black Dynamite black dynamite is an instant classic
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong i was in the library until past midnight last night sitting in fashion-y shit. (0) damn i styled on all the other med students i was under the impression med students didn't have time for you know, hobbies and interests
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