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jweid you live in STL? i was thinking of going to that show
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport GN don't forget to have Kent Money at least 7 different places in the background. hahaha that would kill
Quote: Originally Posted by connor dippin to class.. missed my focus a bit[/IMG][/IMG] looks good, what's the jacket?
i'm on the lookout for white denim thanks to synthese's recent fits
i've never really liked those beatwear boots on you or uncontrol, listi. pigtrotters all day rest of the fit looks cool though, plus your hair has attitude out the ass
Quote: Originally Posted by ma1 they're called desert boots don't wear them in the fucking winter jesus i think he just wants winter boots with a sleeker profile. i'm looking for the same thing, katahdins and RWs are too clunky.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus You didn't see the very, very obvious Nil fit pic on that page? also kit looks good haha guess not, don't know how i missed it Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Ah, it's in the gallery: nice fit, would be perfect after tailoring the sleeves like you mentioned
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil i meant a fit pic of yours, or is yours in the gallery?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I have the normal peacoat and do just fine with some layering underneath. fitpic? let's see this shit dawg
i love the fit but your posture is killing me brah
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