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Just a heads up, your picture isn't working.
Specifically grey, but also navy.
I need new jeans, but I'm not sure if I should spend more and get raw or stick with el cheapo for now. I've pretty skinny at 5'7" 145lb but I have big thighs, so some cuts don't look good on me. There's some fat covering my legs, and I'm planning to eat better and work out more to get into better shape, but I'm not sure how much smaller my thighs will get. I'm on a student budget, so should I just stick with regular jeans for now or take the plunge into raw denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by sharks9022 I wear this crown all the time. It goes with everything I own.
So the 29 straight fits me perfectly, but I know these tend to stretch. If I size down, won't they get crazy tight after I wash them for the first time?
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Thread resurrection - these still available? Ditto!
Please PM or post here.
How are you supposed to order from Uniqlo? I've emailed them multiple times and left two voicemails with my name and a phone number, and I've only received a copy + paste email response back.
Bought a pair of Clarks from snuff_daddy. Great seller, held the boots for me and shipped them immediately after payment.
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