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i've always wanted to play around with sweatpants in my fits but I only have this pair from AA (for now). are the sweats working here?
Ru-fi-o Ru-fi-o Ru-fi-ooooooooooo
joining the all black toj0 club probably gonna sell my jason bourne colorway one, sizing down a little was the right choice
Quote: Originally Posted by SPK Same Old solid, that leather looks really good on you. i think you could rock more tapered jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese is there a secret SF gang-sign to throw up when you see an sfer irl but want to call them out? if not, there should be. awkward staring
jweid you live in STL? i was thinking of going to that show
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport GN don't forget to have Kent Money at least 7 different places in the background. hahaha that would kill
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