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Quote: Originally Posted by bach [/SPOILER] what's the jacket? h&m
i was really looking forward to adding a pair of paul smiths to my outfits, but it turns out they're too small. looks like it's back to pleb clarks for now, paul smiths will be up for sale soon
very nice, favorite bows1 fit so far. what are the sweaters and shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill the DJ Speaking of Cosmic Wonder (Pics stolen from Dunaj on SuFu) If I had a shitload of cash (or any cash) I'd force TOJ to make me a white fishtail with fur lined hood a la the sneak peak they showed. oh my god my dick hurts
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot aitor throup om nom nom nom holy shit
Price includes CONUS shipping. Clarks Desert Boot Sand suede, sz 8.5. Wore these for about a month, used but in good condition. Selling for $50.
Here's some nice outerwear I've been meaning to sell. Prices include shipping within the CONUS. Wings and Horns Black Pullover, Size Small Bought off another member here and only wore it out a few times. Used, but in great condition. It fits slim, especially in the sleeves. Measures 19.5" P2P, 25.5" BOC. Selling for $50 SOLD: TOJ0 Anniversary Varsity, Size 47 Jason Bourne colorway. It's in pretty much new condition, since I only wore it out once....
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobunny Just saying what I think, dude.. way to go claiming territory / feeling cool because you've got ike 5k posts on a forum where most people wear plain white tees, levis and red wings everyday.. BALLIN! he's just saying what he thinks, dude.. chill out..
Quote: Originally Posted by xM. The sweatpants are fine but the hem + shoes combination is not. the hem doesn't bulge out too wildly like the picture suggests, it just kinda stacks right above the shoe. is that the problem? Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Is that varsity the same size as the grey one from before? It looks like it fits way better. no i went down half a size, i feel like it fits much...
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