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the warm grey parka with fox fur looks so good, wish the XS wasn't sold out
that fits really well, emalkin
dope collection, synthese. thought you sold the transformers shoes?
i enjoy the fact that makeshift_robot makes the forum a little less catty
PMs sent, and price drop!
damn, baconzilla looking cool as fuck
I'm selling a pair of size UK7/US8 like-new black Paul Smith Buster boots. These have the same shape as PS Ricards, but with a durable rubber sole, and speed laces up-top. I'd keep these, but they're a little too small for me unfortunately. I've only tried them on, and the last owner never wore them on pavement even once, so there's no wear on the sole. Comes with box, extra laces, and PS shoebag. Measures just under 11.5" along the length, and 4.25" at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by meso Those look really loose on you. once they soften up from soak or wear they'll probably fit better and won't look so loose
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Unless you're Sidney Lo then all jeans no matter what they are look slim and amazing. magic legs
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I think it would be beneficial to your wardrobe and our eyes if you were to cop every color of clarks dbs imaginable. so you like desert boots too huh
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