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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Buy a nice belt and tuck that shit in... lol why do you even post in sw&d?
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix ToJ KMW PS boots are a recent purchase. Cheers aMb your jeans fit better, i thought you were gonna hit us with something new though
good fit, color palette's really pleasant, but super droopy shoulders
my band shirt's washing instructions say to wash cold and then tumble dry low. wouldn't it be better to hang dry? seems like dryer would shrink it
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I have a list of 69 stores in NYC for me to hit (some are multiple locations), organized in a spreadsheet, of course, with hours, neighborhoods, and addresses (because I'm insane like that) haha dayum. how long are you gonna be in NYC?
i got BHA and AHA mixed up, i have a BHA (sal acid) gel from paulaschoice and an AHA cream from i still break out with AHA, i was hoping to find a BHA that wasn't as messy as the BHA gel
Quote: Originally Posted by Doot HELP! I can't figure out what brand+model these are. But they look sexy: those are muji good fit sneakers - i bought a pair in 9.5 but they run pretty big, about a full size i'd say
Quote: Originally Posted by NoStyle14 As for your face, I would recommend the AHA products offered by Paula's Choice. I've been using them for a year now and they've worked pretty well. you using the lotion, gel, or liquid? i've been using the gel for a while and it gets the best reviews on the site but it's really sticky and takes forever to absorb. i have a BHA cream that moisturizes and absorbs in like a few minutes, is the AHA lotion like...
you lose weight kixslf? looks good
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 Getting a duffel this time around, finally going to have a decent cash flow. i wish there were more duffle coat fitpics
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