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Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot I'm going to bring this up because I honestly have no idea whether or not you're joking. after closely examining the images i can confirm that the suits are black
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol kanye west is an idiot he's the voice of a generation (5) and a lyrical wordsmith (0)
ended up talking to customer service and returning them because a 33" waist on size 29 WGs can't be right. Tobi's out of size 29s now, where else can i grab a pair of indigo WGs for around $100?
so my pair of size 29 weird guys came in and they're a little loose in the waist and seat. my true waist is 32" so this this doesn't seem right. i'm happy with how the legs fit though. should i give em a hot soak? i know they're sanforized but i hear they shrink a bit anyway. edit: just measured the waist and they are at least 32". should size 29 have 31" waist? got these new from tobi.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira ebay ebay brand oxfords sound terrifying
Quote: Originally Posted by Caprid okay dude I'm definitely a retard considering I got a 1400 on my SAT homeboy hahahaha omg i don't want to get involved in this but that is gold
is there anything good about a shirt that's really stiff? i got a BoO shirt in plisse white that looks cool but doesn't drape so much as cover me like armor (hyperbole), even after a wash. looks alright but i'd rather have it fit like a regular old OCBD
looks like alden indy boots edit: fuck beaten
you might get more interest if you put "black suede" in the thread title, people will skip by this thread thinking it's another beeswax or sand
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Buy a nice belt and tuck that shit in... lol why do you even post in sw&d?
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