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Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin Looks good bows1. I wear a similar fit to that often, except beltless. You make me want to try going belted. What's the jeans? They look great i miss your fitpics dude
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I have an ingrained resistance to those boots though, makes your feet look like hooves. Personal preference. i wasn't sure how to articulate it but that is exactly what i was thinking. shiny black hooves dawg
looks good, BB1
Quote: Originally Posted by snake I think perhaps a necklace of some sort could have elevated the fit. or a shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah apparently some people can defy laws of physics and create energy out of nothing level 5 laser-lotus buddhists only dude
Gap has decent dark washes and selvage jeans, why buy those?
this page is from bizarro-WAYWT
what color is the BoO oxford? hard to tell from the photo
you'll get a better response in this thread
keds has a few greys, white soles though
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