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i got a pair of buttero b1101 and honestly desert boots still look better on me to me. mang
no experience, but that's one ugly knit
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren $339 during their Christmas countdown sale. They had crazy deals on all their CP's. $339? fuck me
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren MORTAR had them on sale recently. I don't know if they still do, but I would call or e-mail them to check. yeah i checked after seeing the recent purchases thread, but they're all sold out. how much were they going for at mortar?
Anyone know where I could get the Common Projects Combat Boots in a size 9 for the lowest price? Best I've found is 455 at thecorner.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake It was when I went to visit some family in Taiwan in 09 that made me really self aware how god awful I was dressed. My outfits were completely devoid of any personality or creativity. SF approved brands looked like shit on me so I broadened my search and started experimenting. Found that not only did Japanese clothing fit me really well, but it was something that worked for me and that I felt good in. But it wasn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I learned a great Chinese phrase today that aptly describes the purchasing habits of plebes who spend all their money on clothes/phones/wallets/bags way out of their price range: 打肿脸充胖子 (punching yourself in the face until it's swollen to pretend you are fat) this is awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by TReed That Junya is great, but I think the fit would be better with slightly looser pants first post in four years
Price drop!
the warm grey parka with fox fur looks so good, wish the XS wasn't sold out
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