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I have this pair of butteros that fit me well width-wise but are almost a full inch too long and look kinda clownish. Can a cobbler lop off that inch reasonably? Or should I just sell?
I dunno, it doesn't feel like the waist is too wide. Like here, my oversized shirt hangs straight down and pretty much looks the way I want it to. This is how all my true-to-size shirts fit though - see how it flares out at the bottom: I wear t-shirts most of the time because I don't like how the shirt flare messes with my proportions and makes my waist look super wide. Can a tailor fix this?
Can a tailor make a shirt not flare out at the bottom when untucked? All of my button-up shirts do it to some degree except for a really oversized one that just kinda hangs off my shoulders.
They're not available online anymore afaik. Any suggestions?
Looking for clean white shoes with a gum sole for wider feet (CPs too narrow). Something like this: Cheap and baller suggestions welcome.
Yeah the sleeves are 3/4 length. I wasn't sure about them at first (bought for the fit and pattern) but I kinda like em now.yeah i'm really liking the light colors and everything looks like it fits well
summer sucks
summer sucks
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Maybe you're short? yeah a bit, i'm 5'8" and my proportions look a little off with the butteros on but i'm not trying to tuck so i don't think height would matter that much. might try jeans with a wider hem.
i got a pair of buttero b1101 and honestly desert boots still look better on me to me. mang
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