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can we ban him
look how mad
@ this guy trolling
Put me down as interested for Ravello Cap Toe Boot
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade Explosions In The Sky. I've always wondered how an Explosions concert would work, or any post-rock band's concert for that matter. I saw godspeed live and it was the best show i've ever seen, hands down.
Quote: Originally Posted by nmlgy so fucking tight, is that the A1 in brown lamb suede? can you post a fit, this is probably going to be my coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Not sure if it's changed since I've gone a few years ago, but if you're taller than 6'3" and north of 180 lbs. there's almost no point in going to Uniqulo Would love to hear a good success story here. i'm 5'9" 150 lbs
stuff i like: MMM knits, and all kinds of fun chunky shit Aldens, any high end clunky shoes Thom Browne Gant Junya BoO Ervell Geller CP W+H preppy shit kind of want to find a nice bag, like billykirk type shit hand crafted leather products, wallets, makr kind of stuff I'd really like to try on a Gitman shirt and see how they fit, haven't found them locally thanks for your help you guys, really appreciate it.
there's a CdG boutique right around there, wanted to hit that up but wasn't sure what the deal was
Quote: Originally Posted by Hollywars Soho has a ton of stores that you'd probably be interested in, it also has one of the only Uniqlo's in America. names? i was headed to uniqlo anyway but what's good around there besides apc?
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